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Serving the Community

Welcome to Golden Hours, a service of Omni Media Networks.  We are a radio reading and information service for those who are unable to read traditional printed material, the physically disabled and senior citizens.

Golden Hours is on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  



Jerry DeLaunay is responsible for the overall management of Golden Hours.  Jerry has been in his current role since 1995.  Not only is Jerry kept busy with the Golden Hours, but he is also the chairman of the board of OMNI Media Networks, Inc. 


Jerry DeLaunay and his guide dog Kehei (pronounced "key-eye" in the studio



Golden Hours was founded in 1975 by Graham Archer. Archer recognized the value of a radio reading and entertainment service when his mother-in-law became housebound and in need of information and entertainment.  The service started with a signal carried over telephone wires.   It then was carried as a secondary audio channel on Oregon Public Broadcasting's television signal, and over the internet. When Archer retired in 1987, OPB continued the service until 2008. As of May 1, 2008, OPB dropped their support and Omni Media Networks is now solely responsible for the Golden Hours signal, which is now carried only over the internet. We continue to seek broadcasting partners to carry our signal over the air. 


Our Listeners

Golden Hours listeners generally range in age from 49-90, but all ages are represented.  Some listeners are totally blind; however, many have less severe visual impairments or are otherwise disabled.  


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