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The Beyond Radio channel is an audio stream that allows churches and other religious organizations make their services available to people who are unable to attend in person.

On Sundays (and on other days, if more appropriate for a particular organization), the Beyond Channel will air services provided by participating churches. On other days, this channel will air music performed by or provided by members of the participating churches.

The Beyond Channel is a convenient way for churches to reach members who can't attend services because of health, age, or disability.


How Your Church or Organization Can Participate

You can make your church or religious services available on the Beyond Channel. You'll need to record your own church service and give us a copy of it on audio CD or MP3 CD. (Other formats are acceptable, but there will be a charge of approximately $15 to transfer formats.)

If you'd like your services broadcast live (once again, subject to that time being available on the channel), we may be able to make those arrangements. However, you will be charged for the cost of the live feed (uploading to our streaming server).


To Find Out More

To find out more information, contact us.


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