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Omni Media Networks has a car donation program in place that allows you to donate a vehicle to us and claim a tax deduction for the donation.

Who benefits from my donation?

Have you tried selling your vehicle lately? What a hassle! Why not donate your used car and receive a nice IRS tax deduction instead! Use your auto donation as a charity benefit to Omni Media Networks and vehicle donation tax write-off.

How do I donate my car?

Omni Media Networks has partnered with the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc., which administers a specialized program where citizens can make a vehicle donation - including cars, trucks, trailers, RV's and boats - even lots and real estate. The donation of car and vehicle items benefit Omni Media Networks.

Who can I call to donate my car?

Call or Click: Live operators take your call seven days a week. Call (800) 320-0476. We'll instruct you on how to donate your used car. An auto donation has never been less complicated for you. Make a donation of car or vehicle items to Omni Media Networks now.

What do I do when I donate my car?

When you give a vehicle donation: We provide paperwork for your IRS tax deduction for your auto donation. We handle confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork & Smog hassles for you when you donate your used car. Free vehicle donation pick-up - running or not, in most cases. A donation of car or vehicle items is always appreciated, restrictions apply. An auto donation avoids the headaches of selling a used car. Donate your used car instead!

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