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Emergency Preparedness Information

Being prepared and knowing what to do will make all the difference when seconds count in an emergency. This page provides links to help you prepare an emergency supply kit, develop communications and emergency plans, and stay informed about emergencies.

New: Responding to Disasters

Responding to Disasters: From Prediction to Recovery is a one-hour audio that is part of the Engineers of the New Millennium Series, produced by IEEE Spectrum magazine and the National Science Foundation.

From re-creating tsunamis in the laboratory to tracking global pandemics, scientists and engineers around the country are seeking new insights into natural and man-made disasters. This one-hour special report looks at what researchers are doing to protect us from and help us survive these life-shattering events.

You can listen to this program here.

Getting Prepared for an Emergency is an organization devoted to providing comprehensive and correct emergency preparedness information for families, businesses, and individuals with disabilities.

They suggest three basic steps for people with disabilities:

The City of Portland and Multnomah County also offer similar emergency preparedness information.

We have also prepared an audio file describing the emergency preparedness kit. Listen now.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

If you need immediate fire, police, or emergency medical assistance, call 9-1-1.

Voluntary Emergency Registry

The Voluntary Emergency Registry (VER) is a cooperative effort of the City of Portland and Multnomah County to identify and assist people who may need extra help during an emergency. To register for this service, call the County Helpline at:


More information about the Voluntary Emergency Registry.

We have also prepared an audio file describing the Voluntary Emergency Registry and how you can sign up for this service. Listen now.

Riding with LIFT in the Winter

If you use TriMet's LIFT door-to-door service, you should know that this service may operate at reduced levels during hazardous driving conditions.

Learn more about riding with LIFT in the winter.


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