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About These Notes

This section includes additional information about some of the programs that air on the Golden Hours Radio Network.


Old Time Radio and Radio Drama

Each week, the Accessible Information Network broadcasts at several hours of old time radio and contemporary radio drama for our listeners' pleasure.

Radio Entertainment Network

The Radio Entertainment Network provides hours of programming per week in the form of true "Old Time Radio." The Radio Entertainment Network is a listener-supported, non-profit entity. You will hear contact information about REN during the programming.


Imagination Theater

The contemporary radio drama series "Imagination Theater," from Jim French Productions, features some very popular contemporary drama, including such series as: "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," "The Adventures of Harry Nile," "Kincaid, the Strange Seeker," and "Raffles, Gentleman Thief." There are also many programs from the old "Crisis" series mixed into this great entertainment package.

Because this program is aired without commercials, we also air a short music program called "Melody Roundup" from Armed Forces Radio Service immediately following "Imagination Theater."

The Tumbleweed Theater

The RGL Tumbleweed Theater is a must for all OTR western lovers! It is a full hour of great western action and adventure with shows such as: Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, Frontier Gentleman, Have Gun Will Travel, The Lone Ranger, Frontier Town, Wild Bill Hickock, The Six Shooter, and many, many more great westerns from that Golden Age!!

The Cop Shop

The Cop Shop is just what the name implies--all of your favorite police dramas in one place! You'll hear such favorites as: Dragnet, Broadway Is My Beat, The Line-Up, 21st Precinct, Nightwatch ("Cops" on radio!"), Gangbusters, as well as many other police dramas, such as: Call The Police, Calling All Cars, Police Headquarters, and a lot more! Tune in for all of the action on this RGL program!

Bygone Days Radio Theater

This RGL production is a one-hour true OTR show that brings the listener some of the very best from the "Golden Age of Radio." The opening and closing themes for this show are, in fact, made up of theme songs from many OTR shows themselves. Be sure to tune in and hear an hour of totally uninterrupted OTR!

OTR Circus

Kids of all ages will certainly want to tune i for "OTR Circus!" Another great RLG production. Come join in on the thrills, chills, and adventure for an hour each week as we follow such series as: Jerry Of The Circus, Captain Midnight, Superman, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Wild Bill Hickock, Lets Pretend, Tarzan, Chandu, Fire Fighters, The Buster Brown Gang and many, many more! Just listen for the big brass band playing Circus music!

The Mystery Mansion!

Do you dare enter---The RLG Mystery Mansion?! Tune in for the chills and terror of such shows as: Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Lights Out, Haunting Hour, Halls of Fantasy, Darkness, Dark Fantasy, The Black Chapel, The Witches Tale, and many more spine chilling thrillers!

Matinee Theater

This one-hour RLG program that airs OTR shows features plays, movies, dramatized books, and other theater type OTR shows. Shows include Lux Radio Theater, Screen Guild Theater, Academy Award Theater, Hallmark Playhouse, Studio One, and many, many more.

A.R.T. American Radio Theater

Treasures, Old and New, with host Joy Jackson.

Memories On The Air

This two-hour RLG flagship OTR program accepts requests via email and is hosted by Rod Gowen. Contact information can be heard during the program.

Sunday Night Playhouse

This program varies in content but is comprised of quality old and contemporary radio productions from all over the world: BBC, ABC (Australian Broadcast Company), CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and NPR (National Public Radio), to name a few.

Mutual Radio Theater

Mutual Radio Theater is a great 1979-1980 anthology series with a different host each week. Lorne Green, Andy Griffith, Cicely Tyson, Vincent Price, and Leonard Mimoy rotate as hosts.

If you have any questions regarding this information, feel free to contact Rod Gowan by email at:


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