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Blanche Fischer Foundation (BFF)

Portland, John Dziennik, CEO
(503) 819-8205

The Blanche Fischer Foundation is a great resource for individuals who cannot find funding for specific needs, or when no one else will cover the cost of a needed disability related item. BFF provides grants to disabled individuals, though rarely do they fund organizations. BFF does not specialize in any one purpose or type of item to be funded, nor does BFF have any specific type of disability related to their grant eligibility. Rather BFF is mandated by the terms of the money left to them by Ms. Fischer, to grant funding to persons with disabilities who may "fall through the cracks." So if you can't get the Commission or someone else to cover an item that is needed for your well being, write, E-Mail or call John or Jean Shepard at BFF.


Oregon Council Of The Blind (ACB-O)

The Oregon Council of the Blind has a grant committee that meets during their quarterly board meetings and this committee decides to either fund or reject grant applications. There are usually a variety of grant requests and some are for very little money, some for thousands of dollars; each gets equal review. If you are having a difficult time getting something paid for or it is just beyond your ability to pay for it all, call the current ACB-O President [2004 Oregon ACB President Bob Johnson at (503) 361-8693]or contact the ACB of Oregon via the web at or your local chapter leader and talk to them about the details of applying to the ACB-O.


The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

1 Edgewater Plaza
Staten Island, NY 10305
(212) 821-9200
(800) 334-5497

The Lighthouse and its many facilities have been around for years, though their services change from time to time and within each facility. In many communities, they have non-profit work centers (sheltered workshops) for both blind or visually impaired workers and/or deaf-blind workers. In other locales, they may have an adaptive goods store, educational programs, an assistive technology center or a variety of combined programs. Call to check on details and the location of the closest Lighthouse outlet.


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