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Riding with LIFT in the Winter

When weather conditions make travel hazardous: schools close, officials urge the public to stay at home, and TriMet's LIFT door-to-door service program may operate at a reduced level.

To find out whether LIFT has reduced service:

  • Listen for an announcement on the news, or
  • call LIFT at 503-962-8000 and listen to the recorded message

When the decision is made to reduce the service level, most of the trips on the schedule are cancelled by LIFT. Otherwise, thousands of customers would be trying to reach TriMet to cancel trips one by one. Customers who wish to travel on LIFT may request a same-day ride if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The LIFT program is operating at a reduced level of service, and
  • The LIFT vehicle can safely reach the pick-up and destination, and
  • The LIFT operator can safely walk the customer between the vehicle and the door, and
  • Resources are available.

Snow and ice on roads, walkways, steps and porches can challenge even the best drivers and the most sure-footed among us. Safety is TriMet's priority. The driver must be able to safely drive the vehicle to each pickup and destination address, and safely escort customers between the vehicle and the door.

LIFT recommends customers take precautions:

  • Dress in layers
  • Carry important medications with you
  • Bring a snack
  • Bring a small flashlight
  • Leave the front porch light on at home

LIFT: 503-962-8000, TTY 503-962-8058


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