New York City has several interesting places to see. The city has lots of history to botanical to scenic to technological and so on. It also has lots of ceremonial locations to book for and take pleasure in that ambiance. These can be visited comfortably in a group with New York bus rental.

Some of the best ceremony locations in New York with New York bus rental

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Entry-186 dollars each

One can have a ceremony within the garden followed by a cocktail hour near the fountain. Within the Palm house, dancing and dinner can be done. No tenting is available at BBG. The view is very beautiful.

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

Entry-180 dollars each

This venue has a variety of provisions. It has an alluring room with a splendid venue and comes with a setup with no extra fee. You can have access to the front yard where you can have a stroll and a backyard for some drinks. A ravishing buffet served to the tables along with a spacious kitchen room right downstairs to cook home-made meals. It has equipment just right for a minimalist. It also has provisions for entertainment such as a D.J set up for dancing. However, the noise starts around 11 p.m., and a good tent would cost you about $1,300 if the weather conditions are not good.

Bryant Park Grill

Cost: From $165 per person

This venue is the best place for the bride and grooms with a breathtaking view of the beautiful park. However, the sight cannot be controlled by anyone and a tent worth $7,000 is required if it rains. In winter, heat lamps are a must. There is a big indoor space downstairs to dance, host drinks and have a feast. The service is quite incredible and has about 24 hours to set up to exhaust your creativity. Partying a little overtime will charge you $25 per guest by the BPG.

Tavern on the Green

Cost: From $150 per person

This is a venue that can be spent to save the interiors. Reviews suggest that the food is not of good quality but the drinks and cocktails are worth the fee. Outside cakes are not allowed. As for the rooms, the Crystal Room is worth booking for an occasion as it has a sight of the park while the other rooms overview the roads. You can sip on the drinks on the garden veranda (if raining, host it in the Rafter Room made of wood) while the staff takes care of changing the indoors for dance and feasting. Pre-information is required for rental companies if a tent is needed.

New Leaf Café

Cost: From $130 per person

The dual facility of this venue is that you can host your ceremonies both indoors and outdoors. The ambiance and the vibe are positively different and you can have a delightful sight of the George Washington Bridge if hosted outdoors. If the land is wet then make a tent outside for the dancing and inner while having the occasion indoors. Marriage elements are quite famous. Extra fee is mandatory for commuting guests till the 190th street.

New York bus rental will make your visit easy, convenient and also affordable without any hassles involved.