Example of direct marketing and explanation

Identify the area you would like to go to. Avoid those places that are not on target with your products. If you sell lawn mowers, you might not want to go to a condominium neighborhood, while if you sell balcony planters, you should avoid the area with houses. Smart Circle brings to you multiple techniques of marketing.

Find out who your offer is for. If you have to sell pay-TV subscriptions, it is best to avoid the slums of the city. It is unlikely that families with water in their throats spend between 30 and 80 euros a month to watch TV. There are certainly people, who use services like Sky (or fiber optic internet) who live in poor neighborhoods, but you will have little chance of selling this service to them. Maybe in the right neighborhood you can sell a pass every 50 attempts, while in another area the percentage drops a lot.

door-to-door seller

Obviously, if you have to sell a product or service that is suitable for low marketing segments (for example, a system to paint the house yourself so as not to pay the painter), then the discussion is reversed. To select the best areas, you can use Google Maps or Google Earth but, the best method, is to have a look for yourself with a preliminary car ride. Keep in mind that, even in dormitory or suburban neighborhoods, there are often usable roads. In fact, also take into consideration those people who were born and live in that neighborhood, but who have a much higher income than the average. The target you are referring to may have a degree and have a good job, or run a business in the area. How do you understand where these wealthier people live? You realize it immediately because, in a neighborhood of “barracks” style buildings, some people stay in an area with terraced houses or single villas and maybe even drive more expensive cars. So taking a ride in the car allows you to recognize these less traveled and more interesting areas, perhaps snubbed by other sellers,

Prepare flyers or brochures. It would be best if this paper material were provided to you by the same company you work for, but you can also print it yourself. Distribute these flyers in all letterboxes, writing down the addresses and names of those to whom you have left the information material in a notebook.