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Did you ever dream of being a radio newscaster? Or a dramatic reader? How about an audio production board operator? Maybe you're a whiz with Facebook or Twitter, or handy at configuring computer hardware or software. Or maybe you'd just like to help people who can't see quite as well as you can. If so, consider volunteering for Omni Media Networks. You can read books, magazines, or newspapers, help us become more involved in social media, or help maintain our crotchety computers.


How to Volunteer for Omni

Volunteers are always needed and welcome.  Contact Jerry before you come to start volunteering so he will know what you will be doing. As a volunteer you will be required to comply with the Golden Hours handbook for volunteer radio readers and broadcasters.


Reading Books

Although reading the daily newspaper requires you to come into the recording studio at the Oregon Commission for the Blind, you can read books from the comfort of your own home. If you'd like to read a book, first contact Jerry to make sure someone else hasn't already read that book on the air. Almost every type of book is fair game to read, though we'd really prefer to avoid religious or self-help books. Other than that, if it's a book you're interested in, then people who hear you read it will be interested too. Hint: our listeners tell us they really like Science Fiction, Histories, and Mysteries.

When reading the book, you'll need to use your computer's microphone (or get one) and save your recordings as MP3 files. Each recording should be as close to and no more than 55 minutes long. So most likely you will need to create several recordings to read an entire book. Once you save each recording (with a descriptive name so we know what it is), zip it and send it to us. We recommend using Dropbox to send large files like these. When receive all the recordings for that book, we'll schedule it to air.


Reading Intros and Outros

When we air your book, we won't air it all at once, just one episode a day or one a week. Therefore, we'd like you to include some standard text at the beginning and end of every reading.

At the beginning of each episode:

"Hello, this is (your name) with reading number (episode number) of (book title) written by (author), published by (publisher) in (year)."

For the second episode and after, also include:

"In our last reading (short synopsis of what happened in the last episode)"

At the end of every episode:

"We have just completed reading number (episode number) of (book title) ending on page (page number). This has been (your name) reading for Omni Media Networks."


Recording Your Volunteer Hours

Whenever you do any volunteering for Omni, we'd like you to record the number of hours you spent working for us. Keeping track of the number of hours our volunteers spend can be useful when we apply for grants or other funding.

Record your hours using this form.


The Golden Hours Volunteers Google Group

We have created a Google group to make it easier for volunteers to communicate with each other and as a place to distribute files you might need. To become a member of this group:

Visit the Golden Hours Volunteers group. If you don't already have a Google account, you can set one up there. And you can request to join our group. Once you're accepted, you'll receive another email letting you know that.

Once you're a member, you can send email to the group and everyone in the group will receive it. You can also visit the group to access files and group information.



If something's not working right, or you can't understand something, contact the webmaster.


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