By providing support to the law enforcement along with educating the supporters of the law enforcement regarding accomplishment of their goals the Police Department is what National Police Association does and this is a nonprofit organization which is providing its amplest endorsement to the Police Department and the officers. With the support from contributions of the organizations and the individuals, the is performing its activities.

The headquarters are located in Indianapolis Indiana and this applies collection or combination of legal filings, education investigations in-depth, communications to approach a mission of combatting the regulation of activists who are anti-police and providing help to control them irresponsibly. This is achieved by the methodology of the utilization of the law for spotlighting abuses by elected officials were antipolice, change the behavior, and provide the corrective action.

Importance of brain health

For all the law enforcement officers this association is promoting education and one of those is the promotion of brain health and this has been recently reported on the website of NPA regarding the studies of brain health as well as the police officer by Doctor Daniel Amen. Doctor Amen has done his studies as well as the research regarding the importance of brain health particularly in law enforcement officers and has concluded that it is very much important and crucial for the maintenance of a brain to be healthy.

Officers of the National Police Association

The doctor has written several ways in books for each and everyone to take the best care of the brain so that there will be mental and physical health to be maintained. It is very much stressful for a human brain when has taken up as a police officer and this is the reason why the people in the police community or the officials in the police community need to promote the health of the brain.


In the life of a police officer, there are reverberations mostly of the negative ones if there is no proper care and maintenance of the brain health and this may affect the families of the police officials too. Sustenance as well as maintenance of the health of the brain will ameliorate the performance of the Police officers on their jobs and will help them in improving the quality of life in all prospects. Moreover, the team promotes the policies that will be encouraging the public officers or the officials to perform their work with the police, not for the gain or profit of the powerful special interest but the public interest.