The police department is responsible for the safety of the citizens. India’s preamble mentions that no one can be above the law. Police are one of the essential organizations in any country. Likewise, the National Police Association helps the citizens in times of threats and dangers. The main rules of the police are law and order-making in the society. It’s not always the police that needs to look after everything; even the citizens need to be responsible enough. The officer turns to be the first contact for the citizens. The police force can only prevent crimes from happening. It is their right to produce the guilty before the courts.

The rule of law for the police

The first principle for police is to follow the law thoroughly. Secondly, every person is equal before the law. The various States governs the police right under the Constitution. Each of the 29 states of India has its security departments. The National Police Association has to maintain its security forces in the Centre. They deal with investigation seeking, record keeping and intelligence collection. The police organizations operate through various regional police forces.

National Police Association

The police department also plays a significant role in maintaining laws and solving offences. Besides, the police force has to be well equipped in India due to overpopulation. Even in terms of weapons and workforce, the police should be well established.

Police reforms taking place in India

The police force makes up to 3% of the Government spending. The actual police force has around 137 lakh, police officers. In the UN, it is 22 lakhs per person. They have to do everything to give justice to the existing system. Police is an agency with the police staff officers providing continuous supervision. There is a need for restructuring the police force in India. Many authorities have attested it in India.