Tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year, of which 7 million die from direct tobacco inhalation and 1.5 million die because of being exposed to second hand smoke. Smoking is an addiction where people smoke for physical, mental and emotional reasons. Its not just hard but highly impossible in some cases, to quit smoking after one gets addicted to nicotine.

Why vaping is better?

The new method of vaping is sometimes taken up as a measure to slowly cut down on this addiction. Vaping is not completely harmless, but its not as addicting as smoking and causes less harm as it does not involve direct inhalation of toxins formed by burning of tobacco. Instead of burning, vaping mechanism consists of heating of nicotine to a temperature where it starts to form vapour. This vapour, which has much less chemicals is then inhaled by the user. Vape pens are used in this method, they come in different types and designs.

If you are a smoking addict and are trying to cut down on nicotine, vaping can be a way do it. There are some things you need to know as a beginner to vaping and vape pens. First of which is choosing the right kind of vape pen.

How to choose the right vape pen?

Beginner’s are usually recommended to start with disposable vape pens. There are a lot of markets that provide disposable vape pens for sale. Some factors to keep in mind while choosing a disposable vape pens are mentioned below.

  • You need to find out the number of hits on each vape pen. Each of these pens must have no less 100 to 200 hits. It depend on the amount of wax or oil in a vape pen.
  • Do a taste test before you buy a particular flavor of vape pen. You don’t want to waste money on a flavor only to end up in the trash.
  • A lot of companies use different strains that they use in these vape pens. Choose your favourite strain from the original cigarettes that are duplicated in these vape pens.
  • Do a lot of research on the ratings and reviews of various pens on different message boards before you invest in them.
  • Choose the right size as well as vape oil
  • Types of coil also make a difference. The quality of these coils ranges from best like ceramic and quartz to not so recommended ones like wick vape pens.

 How to use?

  1. Remove the vape pen from its packaging.
  2. Most pens come with a button
  3. Inhale through the mouthpiece. If there was no button, inhaling (or drawing) on the vaporizer will light up the indicator.
  4. Exhale the vapor.