What It Takes to Get Rid of Lice

Anyone who sees lice on his or her child would like to find a lice treatment that works fast. There are lice that resist permethrin-based treatments. Who are those who need the help of lice doctors Tampa? The following are the guidelines to control the spread of these parasites. If a child has lice on his or her head, this has to be treated. If you live with someone who has lice, you have to be checked and treated for lice as well. So is someone who shares the bed with a person who has lice.

Lice can be treated at home especially if the infestation is still in its early stage. You can buy lice medication over the counter or with a prescription from a physician. Some of these treatments are shampoos, lotions, and cream rinses. For pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding must consult thor physician for any recommended treatment.

Over-the-counter treatments often include pesticides along with these ingredients: Piperonyl butoxide with pyrethrins and Permethrin lotion. Those that don’t have pesticides include Dimethicone in its ingredients. Treatments that require prescription include benzyl alcohol, ivermectin, malathion, and spinosad.

In using these treatments, it is important to follow the product instructions cautiously. Always use a fine-toothed comb or a lice comb that often comes with the product. When you use a lice shampoo, make sure that you apply treatment over the tub or sink and that the person is fully clothed.

There are also some things that you can do to avoid lice infestation. These parasites live off human blood and they won’t survive for long without a human host. Here are some things to be done when they start crawling off onto many furniture and objects in your home.

It’s good to vacuum rugs, upholstery, furniture, sofas, and the floor to get rid of hairs that may contain living nits or eggs. Bag items used for lice treatment for two weeks if they can’t be tossed into a dryer or washer.

Use heat to disinfect the host’s clothes. Wash the things and clothes used by the person with lice in hot water and dry them under high temperature. Lice and nits die when they are exposed to higher than 130 F temperature for over 5 minutes. Clean and soak the hair tools in hot water with soap for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remember that your first line of defense is to make some lifestyle changes and to use some home remedies.