We all have the right to express what we think and feel. As we are living in the modern world, today wherein people widely exercise freedom of speech. It is an exercise of both our right and freedom to be ourselves in our country freely. Today, each country has its own law about freedom of speech as part of human rights. As part of this, there are many created ways of people on expressing themselves, and some of these are:

  • Writing

– Many people love writing. It is their way of expressing their thoughts on the things that are happening around them. All they need is a pen and a paper. But through our modern technology today, once a person thinks of something exciting, he will just get his mobile phone or computer and will take note of his thoughts. Many times we encounter thinking of something deep around us, from our family, friends to the things that are happening today. For us not to forget about it, we write it immediately so that we can go back to it.

  • Speaking

– Many people are born to be speakers, and it is their way to express their thoughts and realizations on things around them. For them, it is a great and effective way of sharing and expressing themselves to other people. Mostly, it is two-way communication, wherein the audience or listeners can also give their reactions to the thoughts that the speaker has shared with them. It is an excellent way for more discussion and clarification of the thoughts of each involved in the communication.

beautiful and inspiring music

  • Dancing

– Nowadays, many people are expressing their story through dancing. It is not just only providing them the story of your life. But also, it is their way of showcasing their talents, as well. It is very common for the young generation that we have today.

  • Music

– Our creativity in expressing ourselves through writing can lead to beautiful and inspiring music. Today, there are different genres of music, based on the writer’s taste in music. We have many songs nowadays that have a unique story.

One of the known men today who have been in the music world is Hamed Wardak. It is his way to spread his thoughts and beliefs that he wanted to share with our people as he believes that there is an urgency in spreading to his country that all we need is peace in people and nations.