The funding for research and development ventures of clinc has increased since 2015 from various collection of sources; the AI solution earned A grant from the national science foundation worth $225,000, and a host of private investors from all over the US providing funding of $1.2 million

$52 million series B was funded for future AI development projects in 2019 by the company.

Awarding clinc technology

 The virtual assistant platform of Clinc was named the winner of the Best natural language generation platform in August 2020 in the third annual AI breakthrough awards programme. In 2019 clinc was awarded a technology leadership award for artificial intelligence from Frost and Sullivan.

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The future of clinc artificial intelligence

After its incorporation in 2015, everyone can see that this technology is expanding and growing continuously. This conversational AI pioneer has only increased its technology to define it better each day. The technology is a hundred percent focused on becoming the leading AI technology internationally for the financial services sector. This technology eyes on a much better tomorrow.

The new CEO of Clinc and the team of this technology serves multiple verticals, and soon the entire conversational world will be able to use the technology of Clinc. The headquarters of Clinc is still situated in Ann Arbor, MI. The technology employees are a little less than a hundred, but still, the growth of this technology is unstoppable and continues to improve and grow with new ideas every day. There are currently lots of chances for people to join this team.

The growth and research of this technology had just begun as AI can clarify and evolve at once. Clinc is an innovative industry that creates natural language technology, answers every question, and seamlessly makes the conversation. Clinc has never stopped making future goals, including customer needs in mind, and will continue to grow with innovative ideas and user-friendly technology.