Almost every major city in America has a bookstore, but not all are created equal. Some have no books on their shelves that you might want to read, and some only have one human being on duty. But the All You Can Books bookstores are not like other stores. They’re overflowing with books and staffed by people eager for your company. If you’re looking for some new reading material or want to read something other than the same old fiction or non-fiction, these shops will be your best friend. Ckick here for more details.

The All You Can Books bookstores are more than just a place to buy books. Employees always have something new and exciting to share, and the store is always open for your company. No matter where you live, one of these stores is in your neighborhood. The only rule is that you can’t leave until you’ve read every book on the shelf.

When you walk into an All, You Can Books bookstore for the first time, find someone working there who looks friendly and approachable. Tell them what kinds of books you like and why you’re interested in going to their bookstore (if you visited another one before). If they ask if you’ve ever read ” A Brave Person’s Guide to Making Friends, “say that your friend recommended it, but it wasn’t quite what you were looking for. Ask if they think they have a book that suits your tastes better.

The employees will be delighted to show off their store and ensure you have a great time browsing the shelves. All You Can Books employees will be happy to discuss the books or ask you questions about your studies. Your visit to an All You Can Book a store is a social event. They’ll invite you to the table in the back and talk about anything from movies to politics. But there’s one subject that nobody will be interested in discussing with you: why you haven’t read “Lost in a Human Sea ” yet.

You are never allowed to leave an All You Can Books until the last book on the shelf has been read by someone else.