Alexei Orlov- Global Marketing And Leadership Maestro

Alexei Orlov is the Global CEO and Founder of MTM choice. It is a network of proficient practitioners specializing in media optimization and high-precision brand activation. After working in the international business leadership industry and global marketing for over 20 years, he decided to create his own business back in 2017. Upon being influenced by market-enabling technologies, agencies endeavour to help brands excel at the moments that matter for their consumers and customers.

Alexei Orlov is an established specialist in global brand strategy, marketing deployment, and operational change management. He has achieved great success as a well-experienced leader in the worldwide marketing field. His business is encouraged by market-enabling technologies and is incessantly working on multiple acquisitions since it was founded.

MTM choice worldwide is also creating three different unique capability service platforms, and today the company is serving more than 150 international and local clients.

An Empowering Person and his story

Alexei Orlov learns How To Build A Brand

Since he parted with the office, he started believing that he has found his true calling in the world of business. His first job after leaving seminary was in the field of trading. This job allowed him to develop and perform his creative side along with gaining valuable business expertise. Besides sizing and packaging, Alexei Orlov also had the golden opportunity to learn about colour and work within the team. When he was in the merchandising world, he was engaged in the running and operational side of the business as much as he was involved in creative action.

From the beginning of his adventurer’s business world, Alexei chose to keep his job titles and continued to develop a matured understanding and thinking about all the aspects of the business landscape. Soon, he saw himself firmly roped in a global leadership position; knowing every role of business, he quickly turned his business leadership roles into a more entrepreneurial pursuit, challenging himself to build his own business.