UCO unveils Chad Richison Stadium

It is with tremendous excitement that the UCO Bronchos unveil chad richison Stadium, a state-of-the-art football facility slated to be completed in 2022.

The facility is capable of hosting multiple events and is one of the most luxurious stadiums in college football. Richison Stadium will serve as a source of pride for UCO and the citizens of Central Oklahoma. The stadium named itself after its largest donor, Chad Richison, after his 10 million dollars donation to the stadium.

Richison Stadium will feature multi-purpose poles, an artificial surface, and bleachers that can be configured easily to suit large events. The Richison Stadium has already been approved as a temporary home for the UCO Bronchos as they renovate their stadium, which was completed in 2022.

The school did this gesture to show gratitude to Paycom’s CEO chad richison for his over 25 million dollars donations that went to various fields of the school. His many contributions are seen in the Hamilton Field House which is one of the largest wrestling houses in the country.

The stadium will have 12,000 seats after the upgrade of 1,900 seats to the old one. The stadium will have a multi-purpose pole, the first of its kind in any university. The pole will be used for multiple purposes such as flag pole, goal post, etc. There will also be a scoreboard and sound system that can host any major event that the school may need it for.

chad richison

The stadium will be part of a new graduate school and business executive education facility which is going to be built by UCO in the future. This is done by Blatt Architects and Lingo Construction. The stadium will be one of the most luxurious stadiums in the country with its modern technology, and spacious design. The stadium will have seats that are going to be on poles. The stadium will also have a surface that is going to be artificial.

The stadium will put the university at a high standard level. This is a great help to the school’s athletic program. The stadium is one of the many accomplishments that the UCO Bronchos have accomplished in the past few years. The stadium is going to be a major source of pride for the school and its students. It is going to be a big boost to the UCO athletic program and help it reach new heights in college football.

The stadium will be completed in 2022. By then, the stadium will be one of the most prestigious stadiums in college football. It is going to have 12,000 seats with many more bleachers added to it as well as a multi-purpose pole that will host multiple events for the school or for anyone else that may need it. There will also be modern technology that will be featured in this stadium such as sound systems and scoreboards used for any major event held at the stadium.

Choosing the Best HCM Software in 2022

Today’s businesses are fraught with the complexity for HR professionals. Besides recruiting, training, and developing the talented team, HR experts should adhere to the legal, regulatory as well as compliance needs.

Technology has a power to empower the HR experts and offer the streamlined path to manage and analyze right data, helping them to execute on their goals and improve various HR procedures over the entire organization. If you need right advice and support, you must check out Chad Richison posts.

What’s HRMS Cloud Technology?

The cloud-based HRMS technology is hosted on servers of the external services provider that can easily be accessed on the internet by anybody in an enterprise from anywhere across the world. Unlike the disparate systems, HRMS cloud technology allows you have the right information accessible to you with one click & at one place. This does not need computer infrastructure or maintenance or any big upfront investment. So, you can just pay out monthly, yearly and quarterly for this service.

chad richison

Looking at different advantages of the cloud-based HRM systems

There’re a lot of reasons why you must use this type of the software in your business. Given are some benefits to look at:

  • Centralized management: Everything is at one place with the cloud-based software. Doesn’t matter your business size, you may access important data from anywhere. Because everything is right at one spot, nothing will get lost. One big advance on days of pen & paper.
  • Flexibility: HRIS systems provide SMEs agility—they are adaptable and meet various needs of the business through personal requests and tailoring.
  • Performance Management & Competency Management: Assessing employee performance, providing feedback, setting future goals and scoring will be very time-consuming process for line managers & their teams, however HCM program adds automation to this process, and allowing them complete & store feedback, performance evaluations and ratings in performance management system.

Example of direct marketing and explanation

Identify the area you would like to go to. Avoid those places that are not on target with your products. If you sell lawn mowers, you might not want to go to a condominium neighborhood, while if you sell balcony planters, you should avoid the area with houses. Smart Circle brings to you multiple techniques of marketing.

Find out who your offer is for. If you have to sell pay-TV subscriptions, it is best to avoid the slums of the city. It is unlikely that families with water in their throats spend between 30 and 80 euros a month to watch TV. There are certainly people, who use services like Sky (or fiber optic internet) who live in poor neighborhoods, but you will have little chance of selling this service to them. Maybe in the right neighborhood you can sell a pass every 50 attempts, while in another area the percentage drops a lot.

door-to-door seller

Obviously, if you have to sell a product or service that is suitable for low marketing segments (for example, a system to paint the house yourself so as not to pay the painter), then the discussion is reversed. To select the best areas, you can use Google Maps or Google Earth but, the best method, is to have a look for yourself with a preliminary car ride. Keep in mind that, even in dormitory or suburban neighborhoods, there are often usable roads. In fact, also take into consideration those people who were born and live in that neighborhood, but who have a much higher income than the average. The target you are referring to may have a degree and have a good job, or run a business in the area. How do you understand where these wealthier people live? You realize it immediately because, in a neighborhood of “barracks” style buildings, some people stay in an area with terraced houses or single villas and maybe even drive more expensive cars. So taking a ride in the car allows you to recognize these less traveled and more interesting areas, perhaps snubbed by other sellers,

Prepare flyers or brochures. It would be best if this paper material were provided to you by the same company you work for, but you can also print it yourself. Distribute these flyers in all letterboxes, writing down the addresses and names of those to whom you have left the information material in a notebook.

What are the pros of face to face marketing?

Face-to-face marketing is a kind of promoting a business, and the special thing about this is producers will meet their clients one to one. They use some of the strategies to achieve wider consumer awareness and the growth of their business. A few of those tactics include in-store acquisition, canvassing clients based on individual needs, showcasing their products and services in event promotions, and more. In this article, you will see some of the key benefits that you can enjoy as a business owner by doing face to face marketing.

  • These days, though people are comfortable buying web products and making use of online services, there is a missing from their side. They lack something that they can experience from in-person sales. Knowing this thing, the Smart Circle marketing company works to create a personalized experience with their clients. By meeting their consumers personally, they believe that they would establish long-term relationships with them. This way, all the queries of the public are answered in no time and also make them recommend your products or services to others.

  • Practicing face to face marketing can offer business owners valuable insights into the needs of the individuals. Mostly these people are their target customers, and by listening to their questions, they can create better marketing strategies than the present ones. So, we can say that in-person marketing or sales will benefit the clients by knowing about the business well. And the producers will also receive the pleasure of understanding what their clients require. This way, you can make some prompt solutions and promotes your credibility.
  • The best thing about the Smart Circle one-to-one meetings is they will develop the trust that customers have in the business. Since the producers showcase their business to the public in a personal manner, it will increase not only their visibility but also their brand awareness. It assists in building their trust, and as loyalty is something that improves the number of clients, you can do it by meeting your clients in person. Moreover, people can recognize your brand and will recommend it to others. Thus, making it familiar among your rival brands and competitors.

Though you are in link with your clients digitally through emails and texts, it is good when you have face-to-face interaction and conversations with them to have a successful relationship. Keep these things in mind and ensure that you have built the right team for face to face marketing.

The most outstanding things about TheSoul Publishing

Creative and effective video content assists business people to promote their business online. Many reliable digital studios have well-experienced personnel to provide the cheap and best digital content for their clients. You can contact TheSoul Publishing online and explore the recent updates of short-form and creative video content soars on social networking websites. This media publisher has successfully reached 100 billion social media views in 2021, especially on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can contact this premier content creator online at any time you wish to promote your brand online as per your wishes for suitable content.   


Research the professional services 


It is a suitable time to focus on the channel portfolio of this company. It includes, but is not limited to the Bright Side, Top-10 YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts, Avocado Couple, 123 Go!, Slick Slime Sam, Teen-Z, and La La Life. The content of this digital studio is showcasing attention-grabbing animation to engage stop motion, from catchy music videos and fun live-action to vibrant animation and inspiring craft projects. You can feel free to contact this company to get the most entertaining, original, and positive content for your local or global audience. You will get the best return on investment in the professional services offered by this digital studio. 

business and organisation

Make a well-informed decision 


A creative team in TheSoul Publishing commits to consistently delivering the irresistibly sharing and very engaging content in 19 various languages. It has the best resources to distribute such content via many platforms. You can research the best DIY digital brand 5-Minute Crafts owned by this company and make certain how users of this YouTube channel get remarkable benefits. You will be eager to access and use this YouTube channel and find out why this channel is one of the best ten of all YouTube channels.   


How satisfying is it to watch videos online?

After this pandemic hits, we can find that there is an increase in the number of content creators on the internet. The main reason for the increase in their numbers is the people’s search. Since people can stop this contagious disease from spreading to others by isolating themselves from others and following quarantine rules, they started to do it. Because individuals are asked to sit and work from their homes, they lack some entertainment. Thus mobile phones started to entertain them. So, one thing in this pandemic is that keeps individuals entertained at their places on social media. 

Humans use this platform for various things like promoting their business, making their brand familiar among people, selling their products or services, and more. As people are getting attracted to these things, and this made business owners start using these social media platforms to offer creative content. TheSoul Publishing is one such digital studio that has got skills in producing a variety of content. This content is positive, engaging, and entertaining to the people. Some of the best and most popular channels in recent times among the public, like 5-Minute crafts and Bright Side, are under this digital studio. There are still some other well-known channels that this studio produces such as 7-Second Riddles, 123 Go!, Avacado Couple, and more.  

These channels post top-quality, original content as videos almost every single day. Thus, your thirst for knowing new things can be achieved. There is no mistake if saying that watching videos have become one of the day-to-day routines of the people. One best thing about TheSoul Publishing is people of different age groups can watch their videos. They provide videos for kids, teenagers, and adults of various ages. So, if you wish to join the community, do it without wasting a second. This way, you can pass your free time in a good way. 

Since each video posted on the social media platforms are rich in content and information, you will watch all of them without skipping them. Therefore, there is no doubt that there are more chances for you to acquire knowledge about different things that are completely new to you. Since the number of global viewers of this digital studio is increasing every day, they will not disappoint you by posting unwanted stuff. You will love watching their videos constantly. Keep sharing them to make others’ day joyful and informative. I hope you will never ever get bored with these purely entertaining and non-stop celebration videos. 

Is it essential for a company to hire a marketing agency?

These days, you can find heavy competition between different companies regardless of their fields. If you wish to get past this battle and like to make your company stand ahead of others, then you have to think before acting. One of the crucial things that can affect the sales of products or services of a company would be none other than promotions. Without following the right marketing strategies, there are fewer chances for your company to become familiar with your target audience. But there is nothing to worry about when you have a marketing agency on your side.

Numerous agencies offer excellent strategies and services to promote various products or services of a company. From them, it is totally up to you to pick the right one for your and your consumers’ needs. One such marketing service is Smart Circle which has years of experience in this niche. If it has good experience, then it is true that it offers numerous marketing strategies to attract the audience of your business.

Smart Circle

Nowadays, everything is getting digitalized, and numerous marketing agencies focus only on promoting things online on social media. With a lack of human contact, many consumers fail to have faith in companies. Moreover, with the leasing broker of outsourced sales, there will be no such thing to worry about. When there are enormous marketing agencies that offer good marketing services, why you need to choose this one is because of its in-person sales. One of the greatest things is it will offer face to face marketing strategies. When a person has faith in a business, he will never stop using it. And this kind of marketing plays a crucial role in building this kind of trust in consumers of a company.

There are some other good things that a company can enjoy when it hires an excellent marketing service. Some of them are listed one by one below in this article.

  • Doing customized campaigns to promote products and services.
  • Bringing up greater brand awareness of a company.
  • Making the business stand out from other competitors.
  • Allowing the target audience to recognize the brand.

Since the Smart Circle agency has good experience in this field, they will work only after understanding the needs of the clients and their consumers. Thus there is no doubt that your company can yield more and make higher profits with greater results in a way that has never been before.

Get back the best results and profits by choosing the brilliant team

You could acquire the best support and excellent results when you have expert people in your team. The output will be admirable when it was planned and finished by the experts. So when you expect superlative outcomes through the marketing plans for promoting your company and boosting your sales, then you have to choose a brilliant team initially. While assigning the work to the best team, there will be no need to worry more about the results, yet the result will also be outstanding. So if you want admirable results through the direct marketing promotional works, then assigning the marketing works to the brilliant team of Smart Circle will assist you to get back the profitable results.

Smart Circle

The best results offered by the brilliant team of specialized direct marketing companies will offer you the profitable advantages for your company. So by choosing the best team for organizing the advantageous direct marketing campaigns, you can impress numerous customers easily and imposingly by recognizing their requirements directly. Finding the customers who are in need of your company’s services will be easy for the experts through the face-to-face marketing process. Hence making use of the Smart Circle marketing professional team will assist you to gain back more profits by increasing the customers and sales for your company.

The best relationship between the company and the customer will provide benefits for both the customers and the company. Hence to get back those kinds of advantageous benefits by satisfying your customers, building the relationship with customers through a direct marketing campaign will be helpful and gainful. The results will be extraordinary and rewarding when the process is strategic. So if you wish to get back the impressive and ulcerative benefits through the direct marketing campaigns then you have to prefer the expert team to make the process easy, effective, and beneficial.