Ted Farnsworth: The Media Disruptor Of Hollywood 

Ted Farnsworth is an experienced strategist. Since the age of 13, he made a promise to himself that if he were ever going to work, it certainly wouldn’t be for anyone else than himself. And he’s kept that promise. Farnsworth is the former chairman of MoviePass and co-founder of Zash Global Media and Entertainment. His biggest innovation to date would be MoviePass, or as he calls it, ‘a social re-engineering model’ that he created to get movie-goers to fall in love with the theatre again.


Ted Farnsworth created MoviePass, a flat subscription model-based pass that only costs $9.95, with which the user could watch 30 movies a month at the theatre. What this led to is a media disruption, in a positive sense.

For the unversed, disrupting doesn’t mean causing chaos in a process or preventing it from happening. It is, rather, a big evolution in how consumers use media and its various platforms.

Simply put, since the advent of streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu, more than 20% of millennials have not gone to watch a movie in the theatre. This is a form of media disruption as it indicates a pattern of change in consumer behaviour, a change media companies have to learn to adapt to.

Ted Farnsworth

And adapting according to need is Farnsworth’s strength.

Upwards from there 

After his innovative strides in bringing people back to old-fashioned movies, which were replicated by others, he moved on to building a career unlike anyone else’s. His experience in consumer behavior and public relations, compounded by his success in turning companies on their heads, made him an instant go-to by several others as a speaker, an adviser, and more.

Utilizing his skills, he built numerous companies from the ground up and brought several back from their losses. An entrepreneur as well, he co-founded Zash Global Media and Entertainment, a network of synergetic companies that are at the forefront of media innovation and disruption.

Zash aims to tailor and deliver personalized media content for users using AI to create an entertainment world that is more user-centric and user-friendly. Given the drastic measures the media industry had to undertake after the Covid-19 pandemic struck, this type of innovation was fast-forwarded as the need of the hour.

Industry behemoths had to innovate fast to stay relevant among consumers, and Zash Global Media is leading the way.

Online films with a great assortment on site

Online Movies (or Films) is an advanced pattern to watch motion pictures and such is inside our PC, T.V, and the web. As we realize that there are numerous kinds of films like Classic, Bollywood, Hollywood, and so on

We can likewise recognize by dialects like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and so forth and on the web gives our numerous sites to watch motion pictures and download decisions.

In any case, a few sites like 123movies online take credits to watch motion pictures on the web.

Free motion pictures sites

Pluto TV


Tubi TV

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HDmovies.com, and so on

Paid films sites


Amazon Prime



watch the movies in your free time.

The benefit:

We can watch online 123movies online all day, every day at wherever we need. Notwithstanding, we need to ensure that the site where we will watch motion pictures is safe and liberated from a wide range of infections. That way, we can guarantee that our PC would not get such undesired malware and infection. Having a solid enemy of infection is fundamental.

Watching Movies Online will give us an extraordinary nature of the recordings and sounds. We can likewise download the films we need in what character and an amount of information. Someone needs to watch films at the film we can likewise book the ticket for the film by online film ticket booking sites.

The prominence of films:

Films have gotten natural in the cutting edge age. It is the well-known amusement of a few groups past the world. The most supportive thing concerning 123 motion pictures is that there are various classes. This suggests that everybody can discover something energizing. However numerous films are created each year, some are more natural than others.

Watching films is a wondrous action to decompress for some individuals now. Later a persevering day, what can be more consoling than watching films and examining with a redirection on the plans? Even though have a few film DVDs at home, notwithstanding, lean toward watching films at theaters.

The greatest mystery:

Probably the greatest part that causes me to want to watch films at theaters on the greater screen and more real solid can insight there. Have a TV which can address DVDs and T.V, yet doesn’t have adequate cash to purchase a new and elegant arrangement of projector and amplifiers which are sold at a colossal cost at the store.

Theaters evermore put their capital in improving the situation with their movies, so the pictures and sound in auditoria are normally fantastic, later a debilitating week with a ton of strains that have strived, time for resting is valuable for us. Other than the fundamental nature of motion pictures, a second bit that makes me annexed to films is that it can take this as a risk to go out.

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Online movies and convenience

The growth of technology has changed the lives of people to a greater extent. And obviously it also changed the traditional way of watching movies. The online movies are accessed as the better alternative for the theatre movies. Even though there are various reasons which has attracted the movie lovers to online, convenience is considered to be the most important factor. The online movies are loaded with lot of convenience which tends to put the audience into great pleasure in several means. Some of the best conveniences which can be enjoyed in online rather than the direct movie theatres are revealed in this article.

Late night movies

Today many people are busy throughout the day. They have a long hour of work and they also have several other responsibilities in their family. Hence it is highly inconvenient for them to watch the movies in the day time. They are convenient only with the late night movies. Unfortunately not all the movie theaters are opened for the late night shows. It can be said that the online movies are the great boon for these people. Either it is a late night or early morning, they can watch their favorite movies easily through online movie sites.


Free movies

Today many people are running out of money because of the pandemic situation and because of lack of work. In such a case, it is not possible for them to spend money lavishly for watching movies. Since it is all about their hard earned money and savings many people tend to have greater discomfort in spending it just for their entertainment. These people can switch over their option to online free movie websites like 123movies where they can watch the movies and the television series without paying the subscription fee. The most interesting part is the entire family can enjoy watching movies without any charges and they can also have best time together.

Easy to use

Watching the movies in online doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge. Even the people who are not used to computers to a greater extent can access these websites easily than they sound to be. They can enter the website and can click on their favorite movies to watch them easily without putting forth more effort. In case if there are any technical issues in using the website or in watching the movies, they can feel free to sort it out with the help of online support team.

What are the tips to become a successful movie producer?

People enjoy watching movies. There is a lot of struggle to release the movie successfully. The film producer has the duty to release the movie. Hence, the producer should choose a good story and various other things. And the story should be according to the latest trend. The producer should choose the script in the view of the audience. If the producer produces the movie based on the audience’s expectations then the movie may run successfully in the cinema theatre. He should recruit the eligible director to direct the movie. And also choose actors like heroes, heroines, character artists, comedians, etc. Music and comedy is also an important aspect of the movie. Every people have different kinds of tastes. Some may see the movie for the music alone. Some people may watch the film for the story and some may see the movie for the comedy alone. And some may need some stunts and thrilling effect while watching the movie. Hence, the producer should fulfill all kinds of people.

What are the tips to become a successful movie producer?

Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the successful film and Tv producers. He is the Principal at Proxima Media and Founder of Relativity Media. On early, he was approached by Mark Canton, former co-chairman among Sony and former EVP at Warner Brothers, to help him with an MBO. After finishing the MBO effectively, he was working day by day together on this business, which procured Michael Ovitz’s Artists Production Group. This group is known for making Atmosphere Entertainment, which subsidized blockbusters like 300 and numerous others. He realized there was a monster gap in the business. While spilling and innovation were proceeding to propel, the fund was stuck in an old model. There was a colossal requirement for budgetary order and organized arrangements inside the business. He produced many films and got many awards. There are some tips to become a successful movie producer.

  1. A four-year certification from a school, college, or free craftsmanship school is commonly important for a profession as a filmmaker. Understudies may think about projects in film, acting, news coverage, interchanges, business, or another related subject.
  1. Hopeful producers need to realize how to assemble a film from start to end, and these projects may help build up the vital abilities.
  1. Internship with film creation organizations can give valuable experience and give an understanding of the business.
  1. Produce a movie according to the latest trend.

Ryan Kavanaugh is also successful in producing TV programs.

Art As An Expression

We all have the right to express what we think and feel. As we are living in the modern world, today wherein people widely exercise freedom of speech. It is an exercise of both our right and freedom to be ourselves in our country freely. Today, each country has its own law about freedom of speech as part of human rights. As part of this, there are many created ways of people on expressing themselves, and some of these are:

  • Writing

– Many people love writing. It is their way of expressing their thoughts on the things that are happening around them. All they need is a pen and a paper. But through our modern technology today, once a person thinks of something exciting, he will just get his mobile phone or computer and will take note of his thoughts. Many times we encounter thinking of something deep around us, from our family, friends to the things that are happening today. For us not to forget about it, we write it immediately so that we can go back to it.

  • Speaking

– Many people are born to be speakers, and it is their way to express their thoughts and realizations on things around them. For them, it is a great and effective way of sharing and expressing themselves to other people. Mostly, it is two-way communication, wherein the audience or listeners can also give their reactions to the thoughts that the speaker has shared with them. It is an excellent way for more discussion and clarification of the thoughts of each involved in the communication.

beautiful and inspiring music

  • Dancing

– Nowadays, many people are expressing their story through dancing. It is not just only providing them the story of your life. But also, it is their way of showcasing their talents, as well. It is very common for the young generation that we have today.

  • Music

– Our creativity in expressing ourselves through writing can lead to beautiful and inspiring music. Today, there are different genres of music, based on the writer’s taste in music. We have many songs nowadays that have a unique story.

One of the known men today who have been in the music world is Hamed Wardak. It is his way to spread his thoughts and beliefs that he wanted to share with our people as he believes that there is an urgency in spreading to his country that all we need is peace in people and nations.