A care centre is a facility where parents may pay to leave their children while they work. And Rykka Care Centre owns Eatonville Care Centre, a long-term care institution dedicated to providing client-centered caring services. It is centrally located in the centre of a beautiful neighbourhood, about 3 kilometres from Etobicoke City Hall. The care centre has been since 1971, enthusiastically serving over 247 varied ethnic people.

Physiotherapists, nurses, physicians, nutritionists, recreation therapists, and social workers are among the compassionate and experienced experts on staff. They provide critical home support services to people, families, and communities in need. Furthermore, their remarkable commitment to long-term, efficient, and transparent treatment has earned them the trust of Ontario caregivers.

The ultra-modern courtyard provides homeowners with a multipurpose expansion as well as peaceful walking and lounging areas. There is also a large amusement and leisure area for people of all ages. Rykka Care Centre invites everyone seeking for a care facility in Ontario to visit Eatonville Care Centre and soak in the goodness of the amazing atmosphere.

Those who enter the facility will be greeted by a kind staff who will lead them to the pleasant reception area before connecting them to a professional caregiver. Eatonville Care Centre is like a second home. Among the services to be provided are:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Services that are unique
  • Programs for residents
  • Signature initiatives
  • Catering services

Care Center

Services Offered

Some services often referred to as Unfunded Services may be paid individually above the standard monthly lodging costs at Eatonville Care Centre and most Rykka Care Centres. Although these services are not mandatory and are solely available to individuals who want them, they do need annual financing for those who seek them. Among the underfunded services are:

  • Accommodation preference
  • Hairdressing\s
  • Dentistry
  • Cleaning services
  • Connection to the internet
  • Transportation to and from medical institutions
  • Medication that is not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan
  • Connections to the telephone