Domestic abuse is a kind of action that one or a group of people perform on others in a family. Hurting the partners or other family members physically or mentally, showing dominance over the others, manipulating, etc., are treated as domestic abuse. Anyway, let us see some various kinds of domestic abuse and the remedial measure to come out of those.

  • Mental Abuse: Abusing mentally is a serious one and that includes yelling, humiliating, harassing, threatening, isolating, and also taking control of the person. This kind of abuse is more harmful and should take necessary actions to avoid those abuse to save the person(s).
  • Physical Abuse: Hurting people physically by beating up them comes under this kind of abuse. Certain actions such as, hitting, slapping, shaking, and biting others are called physical abuse. This kind will harm the people more and make them feel more pain.

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Beyond these, Neglecting, cultural identity abuse, financial abuse, technological abuse, immigration abuse, and Sexual abusing are also kinds of domestic abuse. If we look out for the causes of domestic abuse then there are various factors that stand as causes. Cultural, Legal, Economic, social, and, Environmental factors that are leads to the abuse. Let us see some of here briefly.

  • Cultural Factor: There are many cultures that exist around the world. Each and every culture are having its own pattern of how people should behave and act. If those are bypassed then the particular one is met with the abusing.
  • Economic Factor: This is one of the important factor need to consider because most of the abuses are happens because of the wealth conditions of the family. The possibility of altering the mind is more if one’s financial level is unstable hence that may lead to domestic abuse by one over others.

All these need to be put into concern and should provide the proper treatments to the people who are affected by this. In case these abuses are identified in the initial period itself then counseling can be provided to correct the mistakes that lead to the abuse.

Domestic abuse counseling is needed for all the people who are suffered more. Because certain people may not able to control their anger and mind hence they are involved in domestic abuse. Through domestic abuse conselling, those kinds of actions can be diverted to positive thoughts, and sometimes counselling helps them to completely avoid them.