Summer is here and everyone anticipates going outdoor, but for the homebodies that is unnecessary because staying within the comforts of your home during this time is as good as going out. But is it really good if there are challenges that await you during this summer stay cation?

Summer Stay cation Challenges

                During summer, there are only two things that would hinder the serenity of your stay cation: the scorching heat of the sun and the uninvited guests—the pests. The former can be resolved by turning up your air conditioners which is not a budget-friendly method especially for someone who is saving up. To alleviate the inferno setup inside your home, you decided to open all the windows and doors. Voilà! A lot of tiny guests with unhealthy packages came in uninvited and you would not want any of them pestering your family’s health and comfort.

magnetic screen door

Bugs can Kill Humans

According to Smithsonian, there are 900,000 known kinds of living insects around the world, and they can be identified mainly into 4 insect orders: Coleoptera (beetles), Diptera (flies), Hymenoptera (ants, bees, wasps), and Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies). These insects are more active and prolific during warmer months due to being poikilothermic or cold-blooded. As an effect, they are prevalent during the summer. Although these insects contribute toecological balance, some of themare disease carriers like mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs, and many more. The mosquitoes alone have an annual killing rate of more than 1 million people per yearand can even alter a fetus’ DNA throughthe Zika virus based on recentstudies.Ticks and bed bugs, on the other hand, can transmit deadly illnesses such as theinfectious Lyme disease and Trypanosoma cruzi—a type of parasite that can cause Chagas disease—respectively.For this reason, it is best to install a home contrivancethat can safeguard your family from these tiny deadly creatures especially during summer when they are the most dynamic.

The Best Solution: Magnetic Door Screen

Harmless or not, these bugs should be prevented from entering your home since you cannot sort each of them based on the naked eye in terms of its lethality and you neither want to risk your family’s health and safety.To beat these two inevitable summer problems all at once, installing a magnetic screen door is the best solution because it will provide an avenue for the fresh summer air to get inside your house necessary to maintain good air quality and circulation as well as to prevent these creepy-crawlies from going in.


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