Coin collecting, although not a popular hobby, can be fun and rewarding. A person who collects or studies currencies is a coin collector or numismatic. There are several types of coin collectors, and a lot of them belong to the mixed class. You can find them at coin shows, in coin shops, auction sales, or even at the flea market.


This collector does not see his or her collection in a relaxed fashion. He or she aims for perfection and seeks the perfect coin. The coin a Perfectionist is looking for must be right in all aspects. That includes its condition, style, and centering. The Perfectionist does not care about completeness. He or she prefers to own one single coin that meets his ideas than have many that do not match his or her requirements.

coin collectors


A Researcher’s collection often leads to a publication. This collection is of significant academic interest containing a lot of unpublished items. This type of collector does not collect objects but knowledge about them. He or she spends more money on the literature to classify the coins than on the coins themselves. The Researcher enjoys discovering historical, numismatic connections through coins.


A Speculator’s essence of collecting is to make a big profit on selling his or her collection. This type of collector reads the price lists of all the relevant coin journals. He or she hopes to get his treasures from an unwitting private person for only a little money. It will enable him or her to make a big profit for himself or herself. The Speculator turns out to be a loser in coin trading in the long run. He or she does not know the real value of a coin. As soon as the Speculator realizes that he or she only loses money by collecting coins, he or she drops out.


A Historian considers coin as a means to turn history into something tangible. He or she is more interested in the history contained within the coin than its condition or beauty. This type of collector believes he or she can share history by buying the currency. A historian does not collect coins from a particular area but individual names. This type of collector usually only has less than twelve coins but can talk about each with great enthusiasm.

Each coin collector has his or her reason for collecting coins. Women often consider coin collecting as having no practical purpose. That is why there are more male coin collectors than females. Most male coin collectors get their pleasure in the hunt for the coins and not the collection itself.