Awards and trophies have a long-standing rich history. They have been the center of attention in a lot of ceremonies even since ancient times. Both the recipient and the organizer consider trophies of paramount importance. The trophy serves as a mark of success for the recipient. It also represents the status and repute of the award-giver. The trophy needs to be impressive enough for onlookers. It has to depict a remarkable trait of the organization at the same time. Most organizers choose a Custom Trophy Maker for the perfect trophy to match their event. There are plenty of various materials used to make custom trophies.


Acrylic trophies are the most cost-effective. These durable trophies look like glass trophies but are cheaper. They are better than glass trophies because the material used is very lightweight. These trophies need less care and maintenance while being shatterproof. Organizers can choose from various creative designs since the material is flexible.


Crystal trophies are among the most sought after. Crystal looks like glass but it is softer. Trophy makers can mold it into any shape and design easier than glass. Crystal has the ability to reflect light into a brilliant spectrum of colors. It makes these trophies look more wonderful and elegant.


Choosing glass as a material for a custom trophy allows flexibility. There are two options for glass trophies. One is semi-custom and the other is fully-customized trophy plaques. Trophy makers use large sheets of float glass material to create glass trophies. They cut these sheets into various shapes and sizes depending on the design. Many organizers choose glass trophies for their elegance and sophistication. These ultra-modern trophies are even affordable.


Trophies made from wood are very durable but are heavier than most. Metal trophies are also available in several shapes and designs. The options are very limited though. Creating metal trophies takes longer. Some people consider the wait time worth it. These trophies have stylish looks and urbane appeal other materials cannot provide. When polished, their shine adds more to the trophy.


Wooden trophies suit all kinds of events. They have different textures and finishes. They are bigger in size but are eco-friendly and durable.

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