While organizing a wedding, we often make some serious mistakes. In this article, we are going t discus about those mistakes.Click here to read articles on Wedding.

Not hiring a good photographer

A lot people have regretted using the iPhone or a friend’s camera to immortalize the marriage. If we want a professional result to remember our wedding forever, yes, we have to hire a professional photographer. You will see how the result is worth it. One of the most important things about a wedding is to always remember it, because good times like this happen quickly. So, don’t skimp!Visit this site to read articles on Wedding.

Wearing hellish heels

If you wear uncomfortable heels, it is of little use if you can barely move. Many brides already look forward to taking off their shoes just two hours after the celebration begins. So,ensure that does not happen to you and be the queen of the dance floor, choose shoes with a little less heel and that are comfortable if you are not used to wearing heels. Now, you can dance until dawn.

Turning your dress into a costume

Try to go true to your style and do not go “disguised”, neither with the dress nor with the makeup. If you choose an unnatural option, the most normal thing is that you feel more insecure with your look and you cannot take that risk on your wedding day.


Not enjoying your wedding to the fullest

Surely you will feel somewhat nervous and be aware if that everything goes well. Our advice: everything is already organized beforehand, so don’t panic! On your big day you have to focus on enjoying your wedding to the fullest. It is a moment that will not be repeated so take advantage of every minute and live it intensely. If something in the celebration does not go as planned, do not be overwhelmed because nothing is perfect. Just dedicate yourself to enjoy.

Disregard special menus

At your wedding, you will surely have guests with food intolerances and special diets, such as vegan. Take these needs into account and talk to your restaurant or catering to offer equally special and rich dishes, but suitable for these people.

Not wearing waterproof makeup

Surely your makeup artist is going to leave you perfect for the big day but remember that makeup deteriorates over time, and more at a wedding! It is a day of great emotion and your mascara should be resistant. Use waterproof makeup. Translucent powders, lipstick, blusher and mascara cannot be missing in your bag.

Nor the chairs

Even if you choose to make a standing cocktail, don’t miss the chairs! At some point your guests (and not only the oldest), will have to sit down so don’t force them to be uncomfortable. Having a few chairs or rest areas is necessary.