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It is very common to see boys’ shirts with rock elements such as skulls, guitars, rock artists, or moving statements. However, seeing these designs on children’s clothing, is that possible? The answer is YES. Now, not only boys and adults can be rock stars, even babies can be the best rock stars with unique rock star costumes. So here are a few My Hero Academia Store ideas for baby rockstar gifts that you can give to future rock stars:

You were born in a Rock Hoodie – if the older men were cool enough to wear their hoodies, the baby could also have this Born to Rock hoodies. This is done with My Hero Academia Store soft and strong materials that will make the baby feel comfortable. This baby zipper shirt, with a hood, has a “Born to Rock” statement on the back that makes the baby look like a real rock star.

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Little Sisters Rock Hoodies – even little girls can be rock stars. This sweatshirt, sweatshirt comes in a pink guitar design with the statement “Little Sister’s Rock”. This My Hero Academia Store jacket is a great gift for kids from a rock star or rock star-wannabe parents.

Rock star Heart and Wings Baby Bottle – this feed bottle is cool in design but most importantly all of this is made of high-quality materials.

Rock star Skull Pacifier – this baby pacifier is like a baby’s statement that you will be the next rock star. But you do not need to worry about the safety of the baby in this rockstar skull pacifier because it is made of non-toxic materials that are safe for the baby’s suckling needs. The pacifier is a traditional baby gift but who would have thought that a pacifier would look as cool as this rockstar skull?


Rock star Heart Dinner Baby Gift Set – this complete set with a rockstar plate, bowl, and cup will be ready to give to children as they will have something to draw their attention while eating. This baby gift set can also help moms and dads to feed their little angels especially easily by seeing those cool rockstar heart designs.