Used car dealerships are known for running creative and sometimes outrageous advertising campaigns to attract new business and attract everyone in the area. From quirky ads to elaborate stunts and promotions, car dealers really need to think outside the box in terms of advertising to get noticed among the myriad of other car dealers selling a similar product. Here are some popular and original promotions used car dealers have been known to benefit from in the past.

Last hero

This particular ad has gained notoriety for its inclusion in feature films and television, but was actually used in real life. The basic premise is an endurance competition in which people should be the “last to survive”, one way or another, like musical chairs. The most common example would be a situation where a group of participants must constantly hold the car by the hand. Whoever is the last to hang on to the car is the winner and usually saves the car!

Thinking Of Buying A Used Car

Sports related

This is a great promotion forĀ used cars in montclair dealerships in cities where there is a professional or even student sports team. Like the simple cousin of sports betting without high stakes, the competition itself can include many different settings related to the game. For example, one of the dealerships offered a free car every time the city football team started for a touchdown or if the local basketball team scored more than 150 points. These competitions depend on the abundance of sports fans in the area, but they are often arranged to some degree, so the result is rare and the dealer does not usually let him give away cars for free. But when that happens, the dealership can build excitement around the sports team.

Talent contest

With the popularity of reality singing competitions like American Idol, talent shows are becoming more and more popular. And while singing competitions are the most obvious, the event can also be a general talent show involving all kinds of performers such as jugglers, comedians, and dancers. The event is often held at the dealership itself and may include the attendance of a local radio station and the use of local celebrities as judges.