One of the main keys to getting a good used car deal is buying from a party more interested in getting rid of or replacing the used car than making a profit on it. In most cases, getting a good used car price means not buying used cars from the dealership, unless the dealership has a particular car in stock for a long time.

Consider used cars from rental agencies

Many people recommend not buying a used car from rental agencies. They think they are mistreated by people who rent cars. But that may not be good advice. Renters have been known to treat rental cars poorly, but this doesn’t happen often. Also, used car engines at a rental agency tend to be better served than privately owned cars, as they undergo constant maintenance during operation.

Search for used cars on the internet

The used cars you see in newspaper ads are a small selection of used cars available throughout the United States. This is mainly due to geographic restrictions. Newspapers and other periodicals with classified ads serve the market within a limited geography. Search for used cars online at sites like and You will most likely find a better deal on a great used car as you have so many more options to choose from.

Right Way to Buy Used Car

Get a vehicle history report

If you are purchasing used cars in pasco, you should receive a historical record for that vehicle. If you can’t figure out the history, you can buy a car that has a number of serious problems that can haunt you over and over again. When you find a potential candidate for a purchase, obtain the vehicle’s VIN and visit They get most of their used car data from dealerships and repair shops. This is the only way to know if the vehicle has suffered a major accident, irreparable flood damage, frame damage, leaks, etc.

Consider shopping at a private party

Many people buy used cars from car dealerships. But private sellers have great deals. You can often get a better deal by buying a used car from a private individual than from a dealer because there are no middlemen in the deal.