The best conversational AI platform for your business

If you are trying hard and fails in customer engagement, then you are missing out the best technology for your business. Conversational AI is the technology that powers automated conversations between a business and its customers. The conversations could be text-based or audio-based. They are quite different from traditional chatbots. Clinc AI technology platform has developed to a level where it can mimic human conversation with a great level of accuracy. You could find more information about this platform and business on the internet. You could check its ratings, competitors and many more.

We want computers to mimic human interactions as much as possible. It is hard for humans to communicate with the humans we do. Clinc conversational AI technology makes that possible. It bridges the gap between human and computer language, and so the communication between the two is natural. Conversational is not a single technology, it is a set of technologies that allows the computer to recognize human language and decipher the different language.

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Using Natural Language Processing and additional AI algorithms the application comprehends and engages in contextual dialogue. To understand what customer saying, NLU works to decipher meaning in the user’s words, even it comes with the mistakes. AI will be able to understand shortcuts, grammatical mistakes and could remember throughout the conversation. Once the queries from the customers completed, AI should give the right response. Using NLG, the AI generates a response that could be easily understood by the customer.

In any conversation, humans could remember what they are talking about one to another. Likewise, a conversational AI can retain context throughout an entire conversation. The best conversational AI technologies are advanced enough to understand the context and personalize the conversations. The main purpose of conversational Ai for your business is to provide accurate support round-the-clock.