WordPress – Analyzing Artificial Intelligence

Today WordPress powers nearly 30% of all websites around the world. Gradually, it evolved from a blogging platform to a platform for creating highly dynamic and interactive websites. Flexible WordPress has led to its popularity and choice for most developers when developing websites. As AI has been catching up lately, it was only a matter of time before affecting the most comprehensive web development platform.

WordPress has to implement Clinc AI in its way from the get-go. This was in the form of spelling and grammar checkers for blogs or posts published on WordPress.

So how does AI affect how WordPress works?

In 2019, a plugin was launched that allows users to shop on WordPress e-commerce sites using voice commands through their mobile phones or smart speakers. This way of shopping completely changes the way a customer interacts with your website. Now you need to optimize your site for user experience and optimize it for voice search. It is also emerging as a new development trend that many web development companies are paying attention to and taking advantage of.

Artificial Intelligence web development

Whether you are running an ecommerce store, a blog site, or any other website that allows users to leave comments or posts, there is always a situation where you get a lot of spam on them. This only makes it difficult for the user to interact in the real world, and also, from an SEO perspective, your website suffers from spam content. This is done by bots or spammers trying to take advantage of the comment section to spam views on their sites or links.

So how can AI help here? So, you can take the help of the Akismet WordPress plugin. This plugin uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce spam.

He accepts comments, messages, or whatever is posted, rates them according to what he has learned in the process, and examines spam content patterns on various websites worldwide.

Now, since AI cares about the quality of the content, it also helps you design your website layout and provides user behavior, hotspots of your website, and user trends. It helps to design the website user interface and interact with users by delivering personalized content according to each user’s uniqueness.

Powered by AI, it gives you accurate and accurate information about market trends using the right keywords that can be targeted and help you create content for your audience. WordPress offers a plugin to track these keywords and associate those keywords with existing posts.

And to top it all off, using AI, WordPress offers plugins to integrate chatbots into websites built with WordPress. The AI itself powers these bots to handle customer requests themselves.