How Marc Roberts become a successful business person?

Marc Roberts is known as Miami’s builder of dreams.  He is a premier sports management professional, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. He has successfully built his career on hard work, perseverance, and dedication.  He is a popular real estate agent in downtown Miami. Though he has owned more than 90% of the highest-end real estate in this popular city, he has remained anonymous.

Many residents with expertise in the real estate industry ensured that he has built Miami into the new century and enhanced his routine efforts to push the landscape of the city to the new heights in the innovative ways.  They are eager to know the latest news about marc roberts miami online and keep up-to-date with his successful records in the competitive real estate sector.

The best birthday celebration in Miami

Marc Roberts celebrated his 60th birthday a couple of years ago in E11EVEN and Gold Rush Cabaret. He invited his close friends, family and elite of Miami for such grand anniversary. He held nothing back for entertaining his guests. He ensured that every guest in this event celebrated in the most coveted venues of Miami enjoyed a lot.

The overall celebration in the E11EVEN rooftop gave memorable entertainment experiences to all guests who enjoyed a delectable meal, hors d’oeuvres and flowing drinks.  Teens and adults in this birthday venue were satisfied with the performances of qualified and hot dancers and the live show of the world-famous magician Julius Dein.

marc roberts miami

At Gold Rush Cabaret, guests on the second night of this birthday celebration enjoyed beyond their imaginations. This is because the jam-packed club brought together professionals like the hospitality entrepreneur Dave Grutman, foodgod Jonathan Cheban, social media personality Amanda Cemy, and very important persons of Miami and surrounding areas.

The foremost attractions of the party

All guests in the birthday party on the second night were surprised with 144 pizzas made from the Miami location of Brooklyn-based pizza restaurants and delicious cheeseburgers from Vice Burgers. They also enjoyed the live performance of Justin, Roberts’ son in the evening as he performed his smash hit singles. They also took pleasure in the live performance by popular Grammy Award-winning rapper, actor, producer, T.I. and entrepreneur who played his worldwide sensations especially Whatever You Like and Live Your Life. The most successful records of marc roberts miami in the real estate sector play the important role behind the eagerness of budding real estate professionals to consider him as their role model.