The Oldest But Still The Most Impactful: Emails

Communication is an integral part of our society, we communicate to express our needs, requests, and emotions. When the internet went live and in 1993 when emails were introduced it took the world by storm and was the major form of communication between distant persons until the arrival of social media.

The arrival of social media has undoubtedly impacted the usage of email for casual communication. But still the majority of professional and serious topics, ideas are exchanged over emails. Recently ai email assistant are gaining popularity among users, they are provided by some platforms like

Emails Are Still Not Dead

Nowadays we have different sorts of social media platforms, messengers which create an impression that communication between individuals only takes place through these mediums only. But the data shows a different story it shows 73% of millennialsprefer email communication, 80% of businesses say emailing customers increases retention, and a total of 3.9 billion emails are exchanged during a day. These data show that email is not dead and remains one of the most preferred modes of communication.

The importance of email cannot be ignored, especially in the professional world. Mails are sent among the staff, between the staff and the customer and used as the only mode of communication between them. This is because emails are not like normal text messages, emails are written in a mature, structured manner and their records are stored for the long term.

Get a Personalized Email Assistant To The Team

Writing quality emails is considered a very important skill in today’s world and the one who writes good email may get an edge and get their mail request accepted more often. But the individuals who are not able to write quality emails and are not able to convert leads must add another member to their team i.e. an ai email assistant.

An ai email assistant is a tool that can send emails from your domain, nurture leads via two-way communication and also understand your writing style and suggest improvements according to that. Data about ai email assistant accessed shows that an ai email assistant has a 40% email open rate, 57% text response rate and 17% qualification rate. Thus this can a useful tool to add to your arsenal and ace the email writing game.

The above-mentioned factors must have given you a reality check about the current status of email as a means of communication. Thus if you want to write impressive and impactful emails you should consider using an ai email assistant.