Network or IP video surveillance system

Each camera has the task of controlling a specific area and for this reason different models can be used, for example those with fixed framing, without the PTZ function (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) , or those equipped with Fisheye optics capable of performing a very large shot of the area in which they are

During the night it is essential to use cameras equipped with a night vision system (high sensitivity and / or with infrared emitters), able to shoot even in complete darkness, in this sense, we also speak of Night & Day cameras , that is cameras with which it is possible to take images both day and night thanks to the lighting and IR filter: during the day the IR filter filters all infrared lights and this allows to obtain clear daytime images in color; during the night the camera deactivates the IR filter and allows the passage of infrared light, in this way the camera can capture high quality black and white images even in total darknessstructured cabling installation solutions.

Remote configuration and management : it is possible to remotely monitor what is happening in the environment thanks to remote management via a common web browser. It is possible to receive images, alarm notifications, access the recordings archive anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or PC . The most sophisticated video cameras can also be programmed to activate and record only in the event of motion detection, thanks to advanced image processing algorithms that recognize movement in the monitored environment, capable of operating even in the absence of light.

As for the audio functions , bidirectional video cameras are recommended, i.e. those that allow you to listen to what is happening in the monitored area and communicate through the surveillance device.

Ultimately, there are a multitude of more or less sophisticated solutions in the field of video surveillance. Rely on FederalpolSrl for the design and construction of your video surveillance system .