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Jasper Venture Group has remodeled multifamily homes in Chelsea.

Jasper Venture Group has remodeled multifamily homes in Chelsea.

Jasper Venture Group remodels these houses to suit the needs of their tenants better, emphasizing openness and modernity and providing an energy-efficient living. They work with an architect to make sure these houses are functional for the tenants and environmentally friendly.

Jasper Venture Group removed bad-quality wood and rebuilt the support beams, insulation, and floors. They then moved one of the main walls to open up a bigger space so they could install floor-to-ceiling windows in that space as well. Jasper Venture Group once again accomplished opening up this apartment by removing walls around the staircase and kitchen area. They also installed new flooring, cabinets, and appliances.

Jasper Venture Group removed all the walls surrounding the staircase and kitchen area and then installed new cabinets, appliances, and flooring. The most notable improvement from this renovation is allowing more natural light into the living spaces by opening up walls.

This house was renovated similarly to the previous two places, but with a few more changes. Jasper Venture Group where ilio mavlyanov is the CEO took down one of the interior walls to let in more light while installing floor-to-ceiling windows. They also removed wood that was not suitable for rebuilding and replaced it with something of better quality and installed energy-efficient features like heat pumps.

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This set of houses was previously a single-unit home. After Jasper Venture Group refashioned it into two separate units, they opened up the space in the back part of their home while also installing floor-to-ceiling windows. They removed carpeting and replaced it with tile, and installed energy-efficient appliances.

Jasper Venture Group moved some walls around to create more space for the new tenants, after which they remodeled the area where the stairs were located. They replaced staircases and made other improvements to suit the needs of their tenants better. Although Jasper Venture Group did not change Fire Station No. 7, they still maintained a strong relationship. They continued to work with the building’s owner, Joseph Carpi, and his company, Senior Housing Development.

The owner of this building, Joseph Carpi, asked Jasper Venture Group to remodel the apartments after he noticed that it was falling into disrepair and was not up to code. Jasper Venture Group repaired the property by removing all the old appliances and wiring and then installing new appliances and accessible bathrooms for the tenants. They also installed new flooring to give an updated look to this apartment building. In addition, they added a community room on the second floor where tenants can eat together or have open events.