Nobody Knows Brand Strategy and Marketing Better than Alexei Orlov

The marketing and business world know the name, Alexei Orlov. After all, he has established himself as a seasoned global marketing leader with experience of more than three decades in 50 brands and across 40 countries. If it isn’t something that makes your name well-known, what does? Alexei Orlov is a specialist in operational change management, brand strategy, and marketing deployment. Throughout his career, his passion and leadership have been the driving force.

The name everyone knows today has its own story, and here you will know about it. MTM choice, a boutique network that specializes in media optimization and brand activation, was founded by Alexei Orlov. The agency helps brands to enhance their marketing strategies.

Before MTM

Before MTM, Alexei had also been the Chairman and CEO of DAS. And before that, he was the Global CEO of RAPP, the place where he attracted new talent with rebranding initiatives.

Alexei also served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Volkswagen Group China and thus was responsible for the marketing of brand portfolios in ASEAN countries. He was also responsible for the commercial excellence of the brand as a core member of the executive team of Volkswagen.

Alexei Orlov

Alexei also worked with the digital agency Wunderman for nearly eight years as President, Global COO, and at last as worldwide Executive Chairman. He also worked with Volvo cars as Global Brand Communications Director. For Volvo UK, he was the marketing director.

He has also been the recipient of multiple awards and honors.

Alexei Orlov strongly believes that one should feed the ideas in one’s mind with live conversations and interactions. It is time that people overcome digital madness and get involved in the real world with real people.

A word of advice

For the young entrepreneurs out there, Orlov’s message is to be true to themselves and be happy. And only then, one can be the better version of oneself. Also, always keep working on yourself with patience because it’s quite easy to get impatient in today’s world.