RedZone – Keeping You Safe While You Travel

One of the most useful things that we use every day is the internet. It’s a vast network that connects everyone who’s using it. Pair with modern technologies today, you have something powerful that can help you with everyday life. A perfect example of the internet and modern technology combined are smartphones. Almost everybody has one because it’s compact and very convenient. You can bring it anywhere with you and it can give you the answers to your questions.

Everyone who has a smartphone knows that phone applications are what makes it important. There are different kinds of apps with different uses. Most people would download and install social media apps, there are apps made for work, and some apps are made to protect themselves. One such app called RedZone is made to keep travelers safe all the time. How? Learn more about RedZone here.

The Man Behind RedZone

Ted Farnsworth is the creator of RedZone, which is an app that is designed to create safe routes for all users. While traveling to Jerusalem, Ted realized how widespread crime is after being near a place where mass murder is happening. If you are a traveler who’s completely foreign to Jerusalem and you happen to be in that place, there’s a chance you might have experienced this gruesome event firsthand. To avoid this from happening, Ted created an app that everyone can download on their phones. This is how RedZone came to be.

Venturing to the wrong side of town can result in undesirable consequences. If you want to stay safe while traveling, RedZone is the perfect app to utilize. Having it on your phone is enough because you can use it any time.

The Amazing Design of RedZone

RedZone uses a mapping technology, which is how it can create safe routes for its users to take. It also works as a social media, and it gathers data through crowdsourcing. The data gathered is then used to pinpoint the areas where crime happens all the time. All of the information gathered is sent to the users’ phone, like when and where the crime took place and what kind of crime happened. Sometimes, people will understand the seriousness of the situation once they have the right information.

If you and your family want to enjoy traveling without worrying about the dangers around you, get the RedZone app. It will greatly help your experience and you can stay safe at the same time.