The people with pear type of body which can also be denoted as A-type, this figure type is characterized by a narrow upper body and strong hips as well as female, round thighs. Even if this figure type is considered the feminine type par excellence, every girl would like to do without the problem areas of the lower half. Everyone still looks adorable with the right ballroom dress. When choosing your ballroom dresses, pay attention to accentuated shoulders and a V-neckline. This brings an elegant balance to your overall appearance. The dress should be rather dark, monochrome and without a pattern. On the other hand, you should avoid tulip skirts that also fluff up and anything that accentuates your thighs. The right accessory for you for your evening dress is to choose a short, eye-catching necklace that draws attention to your beautiful upper body.

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The V-Type: What you should pay attention to as an “apple type”

This figure type is characterized by narrow hips and more pronounced shoulders. Often women with this figure also have a larger bust size and consider arms and hips as problem areas. To dress well in festive dresses, you should opt for a long-cut model that stretches your upper body. A slit in the leg of your evening dress sets the right focus here. On the other hand, you should avoid wide-cut tops, as well as shoulder pads and tight-fitting models. If you pay attention to this when choosing your evening dress, you will look gorgeous. Long scarves, shawls or a stole act as an additional highlight.

What underwear do you wear under tight, classy clothes is important

Great clothes leave an even bigger impression if the wearer feels completely comfortable in them. Under figure-hugging clothes, shaping underwear without visible seams is ideal because it gently optimizes the figure and gives you a self-confident body feeling. Skin-coloured laundry is also a safe choice, especially for light-coloured clothes – so nothing is guaranteed to shine through.

Whether short or long – festive dresses for special moments

Perfectly styled like crowned heads – in addition to short party dresses, the extensive range also offers long and medium-length evening dresses. Order your elegant favourite pieces conveniently online and concentrate calmly on planning and attending your festive event. Delicate chiffon, fine lace or rhinestones and pearls.