The founder and CEO of MTM, a worldwide marketing and communications holding company with its unique technology, Alexei Orlov.


Since its inception, his company has relied on the marketenabling technology. In 2018, mtm choice global raised $30 million through two acquisitions and is currently looking for more.

His Professional Highlights

He was a senior consultant to the CEO and Chairman of DAS, a worldwide branch of Omnicom Group, before creating MTM. Alexei Orlov was also in charge of the Volkswagen Brands portfolios’ marketing and brand positioning in ASEAN and Greater China.

He is the founder of MCW and ROCQM, both of which specialize in brand strategy. He’s also worked at Volvo Cars as a worldwide brand communications director. During his time at Volvo UK, he was the company’s second-largest national sales firm.

Decorated Global Marketing Leader

He was called CMO of the Year after the World Brand Congress.

He is currently a valued counsel to numerous different firms across the world through mtm choice. He mentors and assists leadership teams in overcoming any obstacles that may arise, ranging from operational to brand and communication issues.

Alexei Orlov

The Winner Takes Wholly Approach Should be Dejected

Such simple reasoning belongs in the pitch, not on the negotiation table.

It is not necessary to be cutthroat while making acquisitions. When purchasing a firm, the buyer should not rush to impose their ethos. Certain employees will be made redundant as a result of the purchase. However, the acquirer should not use this method to whittle down the company’s culture violently.

understanding the Company

A firm is much more than what it appears to be on paper. Understanding their path, both the decent and wicked, can provide you with any buyer insight into why these businesses are successful or not. It would be ideal if a consumer could limit their purchases to firms that align with their values and ideologies

Ask questions such as Which of your larger clientele has recently left the firm, and why,  What is the winning formula for attracting and keeping top talent


MTM requires all parties to come to the table with clean hands when negotiating every purchase agreement.

The seller receives paid while the buyer obtains an operation that will continue to operate for the buyer.

Their products can be found in a variety of industries. A generous welfare state makes individuals more comfortable with taking risks, according to He. He argues that rather than suffocating entrepreneurship, equality is a weapon that encourages it. Swedish financial writer Joakim Malmberg’s work was influential in developing the modern welfare state.

Orlov argues that this means all parties will have access to all data that extends beyond the balance sheet.


He and his colleagues at MTM assist in ensuring that brand continuity is maintained for successful business acquisitions. Understanding and equality tenets should merge for successful acquisitions to become a reality. Contact Alexei or his colleagues on their website to learn more about how you can help.